We have started the development of ScubaClick back in 2010 and planned the launch for late 2011 with a Guinness world record attempt in Swanage. However, things aren't usually going to work out the way we want them to, right?

Although we had quite a few sponsors on board and media coverage was pretty good, the numbers of participants could have been better. Even though we were proud of having a nice system fully up and running, we soon found out that it was lacking some quintessential features to be successful, like an API to connect our system to already existing booking systems. Also WordPress, our weapon of choice back then, just couldn't handle the API. With a heavy heart we finally decided to stop both the launch and the event, bin our existing system, do more homework and start the development of the NEW ScubaClick system from scratch.

For a bit more than a year now we have been developing ScubaClick as the liveaboard booking system, LiveaboardsRus as the main distribution website for liveaboard trips and FYIVE as our online scuba diving club.

Although we are a little bit behind schedule, the development goes really well. After...